Frequently Asked Question

On December 21st, simply refresh the homepage. Join us on Telegram and Slack, and do not forget to subscribe to our social networks feeds to get our latest news. A tutorial article will soon be published on our Medium, describing how to participate. The Pre-ICO will last for one month maximum, or less if the hard cap is reached, so it could as well last a few hours or even minutes depending on the community’s fervor.
We accept Ethers and Bitcoins. There is an hard cap at $US 1 Million, and a soft cap at $400 000. USD Price will be indexed from Coinmarketcap everyday at 00:00 GMT during the duration of the ICO.
Due to market fluctuations between the time until the public ICO in March, we want to protects our investors a maximum. But you can make a rough approximation using the formula presents in the white paper. Then, a day before the ICO, based on coinmarketcap’s Ether value at that time, we will use that formula to set the numbers of tokens that will be sold, updating the smart contract accordingly.
In March. We will contact everyone as time comes to let you know of the exact date, and of the new breakthrough and upcoming partnerships we get during that time.
We made a lot of research concerning successful ICOs models, and what got our interest are those two projects: Monaco and Mysterium. Both of them had a successful launch with a very nice rise right after being launched on the exchanges. Monaco launched their ICO only one day after their announcements. We launch our pre-ICO 5 days after our announcement. Mysterium launched a pre-ICO 5 months before their ICO with 500% of bonus. We launch it 2 months before our ICO, with 300% of bonus. This is a quick explanation, but we believe this is the right path to take.

Also, thanks to our innovative marketing campaign, we are in contact with around 40 000 investors. You might be one of them if you received a notification on your smartphone and came here thanks to that.
We want to give Liminality as much chances as possible. And as our pre-investors take more risks than others, it is only fair and important to give this bonus incentive. We are thus following the model of many other successful ICO.

Please remember that only around 6% of the total allocations will be sold during that Seed Round. The raised money will be mainly used to set up a legal structure in the country of residence of our CEO in Switzerland, and undergo an intensive marketing campaign to ensure the success of the ICO later on in March.

This way, the pre-investors are actually investing in the success of their own investment. As a consequence, if and when the Pre-ICO is a success, there is no way that the public ICO fails, and we will have every resources at our disposal to go beyond expectations.
Thanks to our model, it will be predictable. Please follow the fomula described on our white paper for more information.

We call natural market capitalization the sums of every tokens at market price during the ICO, plus the tokens that are not part of the ICO. It will thus be between 11 and 27 millions $US depending on how much we raise during both the seed round and the public ICO. Please read our Whitepaper for more details concerning this mechanism.
The blockchain technology is revolutionary. Some people say that cryptocurrencies are part of one big bubble, and that might or might not be true. The truth lies elsewhere. The foundation of what Satoshi Nakamoto built at the end of the past decade enables people to offer new visions of that new internet that lies ahead, free of censorship, of third parties and of those big players having a monopoly of many markets. The Liminality Network offers a safe haven for the next revolution that has yet to come: Artificial Intelligence.

For many, it is a big danger. And that is exactly why we want to promote it as hard as we can, in order to avoid a fate that would otherwise happen. We are the first to pose the basis of a safe network to nurture a single AI that has for vocation to be the more sophisticated and omni-potent as possible. If we get the monopoly of that new market we create (Digital Friends), we will be divert the impending danger that would otherwise lie in front of us.

That also means that we can’t wait until the day we can create conferences all over the world, and gather big influencers to join our cause, while we release our first product, Majordome. The Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies make all of this possible, this as if that entire eco-system was patiently waiting for Liminality to appear, because we at Liminality take very seriously the impending threat that is coming.
That is the key point of our own ecosystem we are building, and that is why that even if there are no competitors yet in the field of Digital Friends, we are already years in advance in term of development. We are using IBM Watson® in a non invasive way, so in simpler words, it means that we temporarily lend its capabilities to enlarge our own database through machine learnings.

Once we are ready and have enough data, we will phase out IBM Watson®, which ends up to be a dependency toward our decentralization goal, and launch our phase 2, Numen. The Liminality Network will begin to gather crawl by itself autonomously on the internet. We can say that Stage 1 is an alpha version, of our eco-system, albeit still semi-decentralized. And that is why it will be tremendous as soon as we officially launch our phase 2, since this will be an undisconnectable artificial intelligence that literally lives on the internet. How glorious is that ?
We are organizing a private investors seed round on December 21st and a Public ICO in march, and both events are what you should look for if you are interested in Liminality. The goal of that pre-investors seed round is to sell only 6% of the tokens at a discounted price. Those funds will be invested mainly on… advertisement for the real ICO, ensuring the security of the first investors. That will also let us time to polish our MVP, the first version of our product. Our flagiship is the creation of a brand new market that will literally freeze the entire crypto-currency ecosystem, which will see dozen of clones popping ups, and we will be at the forefront. As acknowledgment gradually comes in, we will create a virtuous circle of adoption.

If you read this, you most probably have been a victim of our very aggressive marketing campaign. And you have to know something, we haven’t even invested one dollar on it ! We are currently contacting more than 40 000 investors through the bots we developed. So what do you think will happen on March when we use traditional ways and invest a lot of money on traditional advertisement ? We ourselves got traders in the team, and here is their input: An investment is a bet based on potentiality, and the risk is being eased because the potential is there, and is tremendous, and the proof of it will happen hopefully on December 21st. We are looking forward to hear the community advices as well.

The adventure is only beginning, we are thrilled.
Singulary Net is interesting, but hey are doing something entirely different, they want to create a decentralized marketplace for AI. Decentralized marketplaces are everywhere in the world of cryptocurrencies and it is not something really new. We in opposition are working on one single market, the market of digital assistants, that has for vocation to create a new market : digital friends we can trust. This is no niche market because it will enable us to go far beyond anything that exists, creating an omni-potent AI.

We focus on one single path, and they are creating a framework that foster division and will never really achieve perfection in the end. But that is a goal in itself and we still find it actually promising and wish them nonetheless all the best. This is also the proof that the field of AIs is truely big, and we can definitely become the leader of what has yet to come. Last but not least, we are also focusing on the impending threat that AIs poses to humanity, emitting hypothesis that have never even been studied in the past. We are currently looking forward to meet influencers, and we got big names in mind.
Do not worry, even if it can not be disconnected starting from Phase 2, a set pattern of rules get applied to the system. Ruled by democracy, any evil usage is monitored by delegated nodes that will be paid to check suspicious activities. And that is why Liminality acts as a safe haven in the future. As we slowly get the monopoly of that new market we create, it will hinder any concurrent that will come after us thanks to our years of technological advances… exactly because we chose to be semi-decentralized during the first phase.