Pre-Investors Round Seed

Funds usage

  •   ICO Organisation: 25%
  •   Advertisement: 35%
  •   Product Development: 20%
  •   Administrative / Legal Issuance: 20%

From good managment comes good profits

  • More risks mean more rewards. Pre-Investors will be rewarded for their patronage.
  • The models we follow have seen good results in the past.
  • During the two next months, we will mainly focus on marketing to ensure a complete success of the ICOs.


+300% for the pre-investors in December
+ 30% for investing before the ICO treshold in March.


Accepted currencies:

Ethers &Bitcoins


Pre ICO round seed: December 26th 2017

 Initial Coin Offering

A transparent plan to foster a clear rise


Theoretical minimum market capitalization: $11 Millions
Theoretical maximum market capitalization: $27 Millions

  • Unlike other ICOs, our plans are clear and simple. Feel free to ask us questions.
  • We are already autonomous in our product development. Funds will make us tread even higher.
  • Partnerships are on the way, and we plan to get influencers aboard.

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Tokens distribbution

  •   Pre-Investors tokens sales: 6%
  •   Cognitive Rewards distribution: 20%
  •   ICO tokens sales: 63%
  •   Team: 8%
  •   Bounty: 3%